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New Uniforms and New Instruments

Our students are marching in Uniforms that are 6 years old. These uniforms have continually been passed down over the years and most do not properly fit but our band kids do not complain. These amazing kids deserve NEW uniforms.

The Choir group has not been able to afford to purchase matching uniforms for competitions. These very talented musicians deserve outfits that look as great as they sound.

Also, we are located in a very rural county and the high school has 75% of the students on free or reduced lunch. So some of our students cannot afford their own instruments and so the band program does what they can to provide for them. Some of these instruments are old and need serious attention. We are looking to replace as many instruments as we can through this fundraiser.


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Every dollar counts. Small donations add up to big things!


Helps pay for half the cost of the band or choir jacket.


Buys a band jacket for one band or choir member!


Buys a band or choir jacket for 2 members!


Helps band members who may not be able to afford their own instruments!

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  • THANK YOU!!! Patsy!!

    We appreciate your support of the Long County Music Program! It is amazing supporters such as yourself that helps these children grow.

  • Patsy Henderson donated "Hope this helps! Love y’all." - via Stacy Henderson
  • Choir Student - Avery Robinette

    Chorus means a lot to me. I'm in more than just a chorus. I'm a part of a family. I'm learning about more than singing. I'm learning about life, and about doing the right thing. I'm doing more than the bare minimum, which is all I used to do. Chorus went from a class, to a hobby, to a passion in just two semesters. The people in this program have more than inspired me, and encouraged me to be the best I can. I look forward to two more semesters in chorus, and hopefully another two after that.

  • Choir Student Nevin Smith

    Chorus to me, has been a way out of the stress and distractions of my everyday life. I am able to let all of the weight I feel on my shoulders go and sing. Being a part of the Blue Tide Voices has allowed me to be apart of something bigger than myself, it’s allowed me to be apart of something bigger than “The Choir” as well, it’s allowed me to be apart of a family. Being a part of such a program has introduced me into a kind of sophistication I felt was lacking in my life. It has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of music and shaped me into who I am today, and I owe everything I am to my love for music. I can’t wait to continue my journey with this program and hopefully collegiate programs.

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